Cessna C182T Skylane

Cessna 182 Skylane: With a similar legendary reputation to the Skyhawk and, with more than 25,000 units produced, almost successful but with a larger cabin, larger tank capacity and with the 230 hp, 6 cylinder – IO-540 Lycoming injection engine, more powerful in use. Convinces through its cabin size, robust chassis suitable for landing on grass, 330 liter long-range tanks and powerful start. Equally ideal for the family, friends and business.


Performance Table

Engine:Lycoming IO-540-AB1A5 
Propeller:McCauley Constant Speed, 3 Blade Metal Propeller 
Cruise Speed 
(80% Range at 7,000 ft):145 kts / 167 mph
Cruise Range & Endurance 
(80% pwr at 7,000 ft):773 nm / 5.40 hrs
Service Ceiling:18,100 ft
Take Off Performance 
Ground Roll:795 ft
To Clear 50 ft Obstacle:1514 ft
Landing Performance 
Ground Roll:590 ft
To Clear 50 ft Obstacle:1350 ft
Standard Empty Weight:1,997 lbs (906 kg) 
Maximum Useful Load:1,126 lbs (511 kg)
Fuel Capacity 
Total:92 gal (348,2 L) 
Usable:87 gal (329,3 L)